Your Online Journey Brochure

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Packed with useful information on the sales and lettings process for Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and Tenants, the perfect place to start your property journey. 

The First Steps

We’ve made starting your journey as simple as possible. Speak to a sales consultant over the phone, fire over an email or drop into one of our high street branches to get the process started. Using our in-depth knowledge of the housing market we’ll advise you on all the best solutions for listing your property, while also carefully taking into consideration your own ambitions. To help get your foot off the ground, we’ll organise a free valuation – no strings attached – in order to give you an idea of how your property compares to others in the local area. Taking into consideration your preferred timescales and current market conditions, we’ll provide a range of realistic figures aimed at achieving the best price in the shortest time.  

The Perfect Partner for Your Journey

Once a listing price has been decided, all you have to do is to instruct the team at Simpson and Weekley to take your property to market. This can be a simple phone call or email and as soon as we receive the instruction, we’ll arrange to visit your property to record all measurements and take a series of professional photographs to showcase your home to potential buyers. In addition, we’ll take note of all the important features to ensure our floorplans are as accurate as possible, helping to boost the number of viewings. The contract agreement can then be discussed in more detail which, once signed, will pave the way to the sale of your home. If at this point you need independent financial advice, we have someone on hand to answer all your questions.

Signposting The Way

We know how to market a property. Over the years, we’ve utilised various marketing techniques, allowing us to choose the best options to market your home. Both online and offline we aim to make an impact on thousands of potential buyers. Linking our database directly with Rightmove and our own website, your home will be available to view 24 hours a day. We also take advantage of social media where your home can be viewed, liked and shared by thousands of potential buyers. All registered buyers will also receive instant notification of your property’s availability if it matches their criteria. Offline, we utilise illuminated window boards to grab attention of passers-by day and night while our for sale signs catch the eye of those looking in your area. 

Taking in the View

Viewings are a hugely important part of the selling process which is why we ensure every member of our sales team is aware of your property’s details so they can show your property off to its full potential. We know the important questions to ask potential buyers and are intent on making the most of each viewing. We always aim to accompany every viewing so you can sit back and relax knowing your home is in safe hands. If an offer is made, we’ll liaise between you and the buyer until an agreed price is achieved before doing everything in our power to evaluate the buyer’s ability to proceed. 

Navigating The Crossroads

Once a price is agreed, we’ll continue guiding you on your journey, ensuring to answer any questions you may have. We’ll prepare the memorandum of sale and write to all parties involved to confirm the agreed price. At this point, we’ll also need the details of your conveyancer, if you haven’t chosen to use one from our recommended panel, so we can begin to pass over any details they might need. It will then be down to your conveyancer to prepare and send the draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor. Surveys can now be arranged and a date proposed for exchanging the contracts and completion.

Reaching Your Destination

With your journey coming to an end, Simpson and Weekley will ensure your final steps are the most rewarding. Once the contracts are signed, the deposit has been paid and a mutually convenient completion day has been arranged, the balance of the purchase price will be transferred to your solicitor from the buyer’s solicitor. Keys will be exchanged with the new owner as soon as we’ve received confirmation of payment and likewise, you will be handed the keys to your new home too, if you’ve bought one. Once everything is settled, we’ll be there to celebrate the successful sale of your home and to offer our thanks for letting us join you on this journey.