Selling your home, choose your charity

Every year Simpson and Weekley select 5 local charities that we will proudly support by donating a percentage of our sales fees. 

When you choose us to market your property, you will be able to select one of the charities and show your support with a sign displaying your chosen charity on your sale board.  

The Maxwell Mallows Brighter Future Fund

Maxwell Mallows was from Wellingborough and born in September 2016 with a form of heart disease. At the age of 1, Maxwell was referred to Great Ormond Street (GOSH) where he was listed for a heart transplant. During his time at GOSH he attended the hospital school, music sessions, took part in activities and even received a visit from Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus. In July 2019, Maxwell suffered a severe stroke which sadly damaged so much of his brain that he would have no quality of life, which would make him ineligible for heart transplant. At 2 years and 10 months old, Maxwell passed away. Maxwells story does not end there though, The Maxwell Mallows Brighter Future Fund can help GOSH deliver much needed help and support to other families in a similar situation.

The Daylight Centre Fellowship

The Daylight Centre Fellowship is an independent local charity that strive to help people in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas in meeting personal challenges that range from complex mental heath issues, drug and alcohol abuse, learning difficulties, to homelessness, and loneliness. The mission of the Daylight Centre is to offer time, space and practical guidance to people that enables them to tackle the problems that limit their quality of life.

Mind Wellingborough & Rushden

Mind is based in Rushden and Wellingborough and helps people experiencing mental health problems by offering one to one support, well-being courses, social groups and counselling.

Air Ambulance Northamptonshire

Since starting the Air Ambulance services in 2003, The Air Ambulance now fly two local air ambulances services, serving a total of five counties. Paramedics, Doctors and Pilots attend an average of ten rescue missions a day and within minutes, they can be on the ground delivering lifesaving care. They do not receive any government funding and rely solely on voluntary donations and support from local communities.

East Northants Child Contact Services

The East Northants Child Contact Services in Rushden is an accredited child contact service that provides a safe, neutral and welcoming space for children to spend time with parents/guardians. Support is provided to parents to help them prioritize the needs of children post separation, as well promoting mediation so long-term solutions can be found to keep children in touch with both parents.  Resources, information and advice is offered for families dealing with separation, as well as providing specialist supervised interventions where children may be exposed to a higher level of risk.  With more financial support they can continue to ensure safety and contact is maintained for children.